In 1898 a school was founded to educate poor Estonian boys.

In 1903 a young and enthusiastic Jakob Westholm became a teacher in the school.

In 1905 he became the headmaster.

His famous saying was, „Only the best is good enough for my boys.”

On the 12 Feb. 1907, he got permission to found the school as a private establishment for boys.

From 1917 on, the language in the school was Estonian.

In 1935 Jakob Westholm died.

„Wikman’s Boys”, the novel by renown Estonian author Jaan Kross is based on Westholm’s teaching methods and philosophy and describes life at the school during the period before the Second World War.

In 1940 the new schoolhouse, where we are now, was finished. It was the most architecturally modern in the Baltics.

Difficult times arrived with the Second World War during which the school served even as a military hospital.

In 1955 the last boys graduated. After which the school became co-educational.

In 1989 the school was renamed Jakob Westholm Secondary School.

Our school is famous for its music classes, established in 1964. And since 1997 we have had advanced English classes.

In 2004 our primary pupils moved to Luise 38. During 2004-2006 our schoolhouse was renovated.

There are 807 students in our school and 68 teachers.

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